Deacon Guy is taking on the Agape Hunger Awareness Challenge

Hello St Columban Family,

Every year, The Agape Centre invites supporters to participate in the Hunger Awareness Challenge to bring

awareness to the issue of hunger in our community.

From September 19th to September 23rd, Deacon Guy will be taking on the 2022 Agape Hunger Awareness Challenge as well as fundraising for the Agape Centre foodbank

while eating items chosen from our foodbank.

This means: a few bags of groceries from the foodbank, eating lunches from the soup kitchen if needed and a $10 grocery allowance to spend on any extras he might need.
This campaign brings awareness to the issue of hunger and helps our community better understand how we serve our clients.

So how does it work?


On September 15th or 16th, Deacon Guy will visit the Agape foodbank and pick out his groceries for the week.

During that week he will follow a set of rules to make the experience as real as possible.


He can only eat and use the following supplies.

  1. Items you pick out of the foodbank
  2. Any items he buys with the $10 grocery allowance (provided by the Agape Centre)
  3. And 10 pantry staples (oil, butter, spices) that he may already have at home to supplement your meals
  1. He is welcome to use our soup kitchen any weekday for a hot meal from 11:30am – 1:30pm
  2. He cannot eat out at restaurants, stop to eat at a friend’s or family members for dinner. This is a privilege many of our clients can’t afford or don’t have access to.


During Hunger Awareness Week, Agape Centre asks the Hunger Champions to fundraise for our foodbank.
Use whatever method feels most comfortable to you. In previous years participants have collected cash donations, Facebook’s

fundraising option and grocery store gift cards.

donate via e-transfer they can do so by sending it to us directly at and leaving a message stating which champion they are supporting. Ex: “Donation to the

2022 Hunger Awareness Challenge in support of Deacon Guy”

Deacon Guy will have a pledge sheet to track tax receipts.
Donations of $20 or more with complete name and

address will be issued a tax receipt.


To help raise awareness, Deacon Guy will be sharing his experience and encourage donations by sharing your meals

and impressions. Sharing what you are doing not only helps start conversations on the issue of hunger, it also

provides an opportunity for supporters to understand what they are donating to.

Check out , each day of the week Deacon Guy will be answering daily questions to get the conversation on hunger started.

Remember that Loving God, loving your Neighbour and Leaving Peace is best lived out through the Corporal and Spiritual Acts of Mercy.

We are each called by our Baptism to live and support these acts and the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.

Please support Deacon Guy in this Love Thy Neighbour initiative,

Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit may come alive in the hearts of people and build bridges for all impacted in our community.

May we all be blessed with a joyful heart,

Father Tom

Father Marc

Deacon Guy

Food Drive for Saint Vincent de Paul

The SVDP has relocated to the newly renovated hut next door to Saint Francis de Sales Parish and has a need for some items to help refill their food bank.

As a reminder they are open Tuesday and Friday 9am to 11am

Over the next few weeks we will be gathering the following items:

Mr. Noodles
Canned Meats
Canned Vegetables

Thank you for your continued generosity and Loving Thy Neighbour


Deacon Guy

“Jesus came so we may have life and have it abundantly”-John 10:10

The Sharing Shelves

The Agape Centre is proud to be part of yet another community collaboration for the benefit of the people we support.  Thanks to our community partners we are now offering a community fridge called The Sharing Shelves.  This new initiative will be stocked with food and drinks outside of our operating hours for anyone in need.  A heartfelt thank you goes out the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall who support the Agape Centre year-round with gift cards for food and in addition this year covered the cost of our fridge, Roy Perkins of BMR Cornwall who graciously donated the supplies for the shelter and Richard Picard who designed and built the shelter.  A job well done by everyone involved!

We love our community!

Lisa Duprau

Executive Director

Shoe Drive for Centre 105

One of the support workers at Centre 105 had a great idea –
to start collecting used shoes! They are often asked for
shoes, as many individuals who visit our program have
shoes that are no longer in good condition. Shoes that are
too small or that have rips can lead to many problems,
especially for those who walk long distances.
Every Friday, Centre 105 hosts a visit from the Recovery
Care Mobile Clinic. They often hear from Mel, the nurse who
attends, that one of the top issues she sees is foot and leg
If you have any used shoes that are still in good condition,
we will be collecting them over the next few weeks; the
boxes are at the entrance of the Church.

Entering the Season of Divine Mercy

As a Catholic Community after we journey through Holy Week and celebrate the joy and hope of the Pascal Mystery, we enter into the season of Divine Mercy.
All are welcome to celebrate
1) Hour of Divine Mercy, Sunday, April 24th from 3 to 4 P.M. at St. Columban Parish.

Please receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession), prior to Divine Mercy Sunday, or you may do so within 20 days after.

Plenary Indulgence for Divine Mercy Sunday
To ensure that the faithful observe this day with intense devotion, St. Pope John Paul II, established a Plenary Indulgence to receive complete forgiveness and punishment, (as Jesus said), so that they might, in turn,  show pardon to their brothers and sisters.
Conditions to obtain the Plenary Indulgence are: Reconciliation, Communion and Prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father, and take part in prayers and devotions in honour of Divine Mercy in any Church or Chapel.  

2) Divine Mercy Novena
The Novena can be prayed at any time, but our Lord asked specifically that we pray it 9 days before the feast of Divine Mercy (April 24th)  
Jesus added: “By this novena, I will grant every possible grace to souls.” We are to begin on Good Friday, that day when Christ first revealed how merciful and loving He was, by dying for us.
“During these nine days I want to lead souls to the fount of my Mercy in order that they may draw from it strength, refreshment, and all the graces they need in the trials of their lives, especially  in the hour of death…”
Graces are attached to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy which we are encouraged to pray each day as well.

Supporting the path to Truth and Reconciliation

This week we hosted a unique opportunity at the Parish. Rose-Alma MacDonald a friend from St Regis reached out to ask if our Church could be used for a photoshoot related to an interview she had with the Globe and Mail.

Rose-Alma with David Chan, photographer

Here is the link to the story….